Master of Arts in Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management
Peace and war are among the oldest dreams and most difficult challenges of human experience in which tensions between conflict and peace have occupied the human mind and energy in search for stable human communities. The search for human development has also been met by various approaches to quell violent conflict. Masters of Arts in Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management aims at answering humanitarian needs in the conflicts of the Great Lakes region and beyond. It widens the student’s idea on how peace can be attained and more so on how it can be sustained. It approaches the wide field of peace studies by focusing on African approaches to conflict resolution, issues of security, ethics of war, ethics in war and laws governing conflict situations. This forms an important angle of building peace by looking at means that can sustain it.
It prepares post-graduate students to work in several of the humanitarian agencies and to be sensitive to issues of peace and conflict resolution. It sets the ground for professional training in peace building, including scholarly and policy research. Further, it offers them opportunities for a wide range of employment in teaching, public service and in non-governmental organizations, social action, diplomacy, and conflict transformation or conflict resolution. The Masters programme takes a total of 180 credit hours.

Students can complete their studies online. Students can complete their studies online. For more information on the curriculum and how to apply visit:

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Bendicto Kabiito/
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