Master of Arts in Local Governance and Human Rights/Mr. Esibo Omada

The program aims at deepening the student’s capability to analyse and have a research based approach to issues in local governance and human rights. Through the programme students are able to articulate more deeply issues of decentralisation and human rights and their importance in the attainment of equitable and sustainable development. Its major focus is on providing local government officials with much-needed opportunities for training, increase their capacity to make research and in a general way to upgrade their professional standards, skills, and knowledge. By doing this, this programme tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice ensuring that it is need-oriented. The programme further aims at training human resource already involved in local governance and those who intend to join local governance and to allow them give the civil society opportunities to participate in governance and decision making.
Students can complete their studies online. Students can complete their studies online. For more information on the curriculum and how to apply visit:
Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Denis Musinguzi
Office: SASS Administrator: Tel:0393215781